What Kind of Locations We Need

The SUBWAY® chain has a very flexible expansion programme incorporating both large city and business centres and smaller suburban areas. SUBWAY® restaurants can be located in well visible and high traffic sites such as shopping malls, store fronts, office buildings, business parks, food courts as well as school, college & university campuses, hospitals, park & recreational sites, convention centres, industrial sites, petrol kiosks and the airport.

The factors that help us decide on potential SUBWAY® outlets are:
  • High Visibility – In shopping malls and/or office buildings, store fronts, corner locations and major thoroughfares.
  • High Traffic and Target Market – Generally where there is a high destination dining or shopping of SUBWAY customers that are usually made up of 18 to 35 year old PMEBs, young families, expatriates, students and tourists.
  • Size - The typical restaurant would measure approximately 650 square feet. However, they can range from as small as 300 sq ft (with common seating) to as large as 1,000 sq ft.
  • Basic Requirement - 60 to 100 Amps, 3-phase electrical requirement with water inlet & drainage (NO grease trap and/or exhaust hood required)

Submit A Location

If you have a location that would be great for a SUBWAY® Restaurant, contact us today.