Steps to become a franchisee

SUBWAY® Restaurants have had years of experience in helping budding entrepreneurs succeed in their own business. Our goal is to provide our franchisees with a simple concept that not only requires minimal space but also low investment.

There are 4 easy steps to follow in buying a SUBWAY® franchise – and joining a winning team. We will provide assistance in training and operations from the beginning.

STEP 1 – Research Franchise

The 1st step in the process to becoming a SUBWAY® restaurant owner is to research the franchise market in Thailand and look at the options available to you. You should obtain and thoroughly read through the preliminary information on the SUBWAY® franchise.

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Trade Shows
Trade shows are events at which SUBWAY® systems is showcased. Opportunities to meet company representatives are available. Find out more about the events in the franchising world around the region. Click here
Franchise Associations

SUBWAY® Restaurants is a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA).

IFA is an organisation that offers its members, of franchisors, franchisees and their suppliers, information and ongoing support.

The mission of the International Franchise Association, founded in 1960, is to enhance and to safeguard the business environment for franchisees and franchisors worldwide. IFA serves as a resource centre for current and prospective franchisees and franchisors, the media, and the government. IFA has been instrumental in developing legislation that safeguards franchising from abuse by fraudulent operators. The Association has testified on behalf of programs that expand opportunities for women and minorities in franchising.

To find out more about the International Franchise Association, visit

STEP 2 – Submit Application

Once you have perused the brochure and want to get the process started to join the SUBWAY® team, the 2nd step in the process is to complete the Application for Additional Information. With this application we’ll provide you more detailed information that you’ll need to evaluate our franchise. You’ll also be given contact information for our existing franchisees.

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Print and Fax or Mail-In
Alternatively, you may print the application in pdf format, fill out the form and fax or mail it in.

Please note that there is no obligation to buy a franchise when you fill out these forms, but indicates to us that you have an above average interest in our franchise offerings and gives you preferred status.

When we receive your application form we will send you an invitation to a Franchisee Prospects Briefing. At the briefing, we shall be addressing Subway® Thailand’s current development plans, some of the key requirements we look for in a Subway® franchisee, the franchise application process, disclosing you with the necessary Franchise Offering Circular, location seeking and allocation procedures, franchisee training program and discuss some of the preliminary questions I’m sure you have.

STEP 3 – Investigate and Gather Information

Before you buy a franchise, you’ll need to ask yourself – "Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?"

While SUBWAY® Restaurants have excellent franchising systems, with low investment and simple operations, you'll want to do some initial investigation to see if you can find a 'fit' with us.

Talk to our franchise owners to learn more about us. Ask them why they chose the SUBWAY® chain. Visit the outlets, sample the food and imagine what it would be like to join the SUBWAY® team. Enjoy our varied menu and imagine what it would be like to be working on our team.

Conduct your own independent research. Visit one of our restaurants. You’ll find all of our locations in Thailand here - Click here

Talk to us if you require further clarification on the support and assistance that is part of the SUBWAY® system. Click here to contact us.

You are advised to review the disclosure documents with a financial advisor or solicitor. Discuss financial issues with your accountant and/or a bank manager.

Finally, you are required to develop a simple Business Plan. We need to know more about you and how you plan to operate your SUBWAY® outlet. How do you plan to manage it? How are you going to finance the business – will you have partners? What kind of local store marketing are you planning? What are your goals as a franchisee?

You will need to talk to existing franchisees to get some of the information you’ll need for your plan. You are also welcome to talk to us to see if we can help fill in the gaps.

We aren’t looking for a 50 page business plan, but we need some understanding of your plans and goals.

STEP 4 - Join the Team

When your application and business plan have been submitted and reviewed, if you are approved, the next step is to make the financial commitment by signing the necessary forms including the Franchise Agreement and submitting the franchise fee (US$ 10,000).

Once the approval from SUBWAY® Headquarters is complete you are ready to start looking for locations. All real estate selections for SUBWAY® restaurants are made with the assistance and expertise of the local Development Agent (DA) Office. The local DA has extensive experience in finding the best locations based on the SUBWAY® franchise concept, and will work with you to secure the best possible site.

Should you have a potential location for a SUBWAY® Restaurant, please fill out an application form - Click here