Low Cost

The initial investment of joining the SUBWAY® franchise team is low, and in some cases restaurants can be opened for as little as US$100,000. Our low cost is due to a number of reasons:

  • The franchise fee is exceptionally low for a chain of our size at US$10,000.
  • Our store operations are efficient and flexible, which allows for compact facilities.
  • Simple décor does not require you to spend a lot on improvements and interiors.
  • Equipment packages are uncomplicated and inexpensive, due to our streamlined operation.
  • Equipment is bought direct from the factories, reducing costs to our franchisees.

Capital Requirements

To see a general guideline of capital requirements, please go to our international chart for traditional restaurant locations, with a range of options to best suit you. Click here for our international chart.

Profit Potential

You can learn more about the profitability of restaurants in your area by speaking with our franchisees.

The general factors that are key to profitability are:

  • The location of the restaurant
  • How well the restaurant is run
  • Active and close involvement by the franchisee owner(s)

While we can help you in the selection of your store and with the training of management and staff, it is difficult to predict your potential profits. To eliminate any possible misunderstandings, we have a policy that no employee or agent of ours can provide you with projections of potential sales, earnings and profitability.

The best way for you to get information that may help you in determining profitability is to first fill out an application. Along with the disclosure document, you will be provided with the names and phone numbers of all our franchisees. Contact them and ask them how they like being a SUBWAY® franchisee, how long they’ve been with the company, the number of stores they own and how they are doing. Not only will you enjoy talking to our owners, but you’ll also get first-hand information from those who are already running their own business.